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We began working with this couple at the end of summer 2017. They had just relocated back into the Syracuse area after living in Connecticut for many years. They found this great home in Radisson but needed assistance making it “theirs,” and was given our name from the previous owner! Since the beginning we have helped with many different types of projects. Starting it all off were new paint selections, some unique kitchen valances and cushions for the kitchen & foyer. From there we went on to select a new ceiling fan for the atrium, research & provide new materials for a fireplace facelift, custom pillows, LVT flooring for the basement, stone and counter selections for a basement bar remodel, window treatments & shutters for bedrooms, and the work continues to this day! Currently we have selected a fun wallpaper that is being installed in the basement bathroom just around the corner from the bar. Topping off that project will be a new paint color for the vanity, a new quartz counter, and new faucet & lighting fixture found by the homeowners which are perfect! We will continue to post photos of all projects as they are completed. There is more painting being done, bar stone needing sealant, and as you know, the list always continues. All of us at American Drapery & Interiors have been beyond fortunate to work with this couple, not only friendly, bubbly and fun, but they value our knowledge, experience and time used for all of these projects. They get 5 stars!!!

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